How long does press on nails last for?

Up to 10 days, sometimes longer depending on how you prep your natural nails, and how well you apply the press on nails based on your preference of using nail glue or nail adhesive tabs.


How do I determine my size?

You can refer to our Sizing Chart.


Are the nails reusable?

Yes. Using the nail tabs will make them reusable, however, if you prefer using nail glue, I suggest gently buffing the nail glue that is built up on the back of the nails.


What comes with my nails?

All nail orders include a mini nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer, nail glue, adhesive nail tabs, and instructions on how to properly apply your press on nails.


How long will my order take?

Remember: all of our nails are made to order (except the Ready to Ship nails), and we want to make sure that you are pleased with your order. We do not keep stock of our made to order nails!

Please allow the following processing times based on your order:

  • Ready to ship: 3-5 days
  • Made to order: 7-14 days
  • Custom order: up to 14 days

If you purchase a ready to ship set, and a made to order and/or custom set, please allow the max range of time for processing.


Cancellations, returns, or exchanges? 

Cancellations will only be accepted within 24 hours of purchase. However, due to sanitary reasons, all sales are final! Returns or exchanges is not accepted!


Any additional questions? Please feel free to contact us via Instagram at @Pressedish, or contact us via email at pressedish@gmail.com


We truly appreciate your business and patience!